Reasons to Move to a Portable Tradeshow Display

Portable trade show displays are ideal if you're seeking to reduce weight, size, shipping costs, storage costs, and setup/break down time, but not at the expense of powerful branding or visuals. Depending on the portable trade show display that you choose, it's possible to store the display on your premises along with the graphics as well as transport the display to and from events, saving you hundreds of dollars in storage and shipping costs. If you need to ship the display to the next venue, you'll be paying a lot less in shipping costs.

Portable trade show displays are smaller than other trade show displays and are lightweight, too, making them quick and easy for one person to carry and setup. This allows one or more people from your company to arrive at the event, setup the display, present your company's value to prospects and still have the wherewithal to pack it and get back to the office.

One of the best reasons for choosing portable trade show displays are the flexibility they provide. Budget constraints don't always allow for the larger floor spaces at some events you want to attend. Sometimes not every event you attend offers floor space for larger displays. In such cases, the more compact portable trade show displays are the right choice. Portable trade show displays are great as a stand-alone display or for use in conjunction with a much larger exhibit when the venue calls for it.

It make sense to choose portable trade show displays like table-top displays, inline panel displays, bannerstands, counters, literature stands and kiosks. Contact an Apple Rock specialist today for a consultation and learn how Apple Rock can help your business reach its goals with a portable trade show display.