Portable vs. Custom Trade Show Display, Which is Right For You?

Creating the right trade show booth that compliments your corporate brand impression is a problem many of our clients seek to resolve. There are so many possibilities, where do you start? You just have to decide if a portable display is the best representation of your brand, given the size show, venue and goals.

Let’s explore the differences between classes of displays:

When you think of a Portable Display a “pop-up” display probably comes to mind. Pop-ups are a very popular and in-expensive option. By definition it is portable, light weight and very easy for one person to break down and transport. There are many other types of portable displays using extrusion, fabric graphics and other lightweight elements. Portable displays are a great fit for smaller shows ore recruiting events.

A Modular Display possess similar attributes to a portable display, but they are designed in a way where they can be constructed and combined in multiple ways to produce different sizes and shapes. A study by Trade Show Week Magazine showed that modular exhibits weigh, on average, about 60% less than traditional custom exhibits. Modular displays can be customized using lightweight materials to give you a unique appearance.

This leads us to talk about Custom Displays. A custom display is a tailor made solution and can be fabricated out of just about anything you can imagine based on your design needs, goals and budget. Besides cost, the biggest different between a Custom Display and a Portable or even Modular, is that it take a team to assemble, usually hired by the exhibitor.

While most companies only offer one or the other – portable or custom – some display houses like Apple Rock can do both, creating what is known as a Custom Modular Display - a specially-designed custom built display made of custom and modular components to achieve adaptable functionality with branded elements. There is a rising trend in our industry where clients want the best of both worlds. These unique, hybrid displays allow a display fabricator to take lightweight elements like extrusion and fabric and intertwine them with custom fabricated elements to achieve an overall “custom” and unique look while still weighing less than a full custom display.

You just have to decide what type of display best representation of your brand, given the size show, venue and goals. More and more, clients are landing in the middle with a Custom Modular Display.