Portable Banner Stands - Choosing a Portable Banner Stand For Trade Show Exhibits

Here at Apple Rock, we are all about strategy - we help our clients set clear goals tied to a cohesive marketing plan. A big part of this is choosing the right materials and tools. For some organizations, a full-fledged custom trade show display may not be the best option. Consider a different route - the portable banner stand.

In addition to being lightweight and easy to transport, banner stands are an inexpensive option, use limited storage space, manageable,  professional looking, convey your message, draw attention, and can be used multiple times.

Many types of banner stands are available to the exhibitor today including retractable units, scrolling banners offering various messages, and a tripod mounted stand.  Stands are held up by a fully retractable pole in the back of the unit, allowing them to fit nicely into a small, travel friendly storage case.  Typically, smaller exhibitors may find a banner stand advantageous if they are exhibiting with just a table top.  Table top displays offer the passerby a quick, colorful message without the space constraints and storage issues.  And, they are easy to assemble even for the most technically challenged!

Perhaps you’re on a tight budget?  Banner stands are a great option and offer that professional appearance you’re looking for! Ensure your booth grabs the attention of visitors and conveys your message clearly letting attendees know what you do and most importantly, the name of your company.
Consider using a portable banner stand to help make your presence known for your next show.  Your Apple Rock Design Consultant can show you the options available and help make your booth presence sizzle.