Vecoplan's 2013 NAID VecoDome

Planning Outdoor Events

Summer is finally winding down. The heat will soon dwindle into cool breezes and the bugs will relocate for the fall season. Now is a great time to have an outdoor event featuring your brand!

Outdoor events are similar to other marketing events in many ways. Outdoor advertising allows you to reach people in a casual setting, in the presence of other fun activities. A significant benefit of exhibiting in outdoor events is that people can't easily ignore your advertisements like they can with television, radio, and print; giving you more control over where and how your advertisements are seen or interpreted. A few types of outdoor marketing events include: Sporting events (baseball, golf, football, tennis, soccer etc.), barbeques, concerts, outdoor trade shows, auto/RV/boat shows, grand openings, public fairs, festivals (4th of July, music, art), and carnivals. Flags, tents, outdoor trade show displays and creative fabric structures can accomplish this as you contemplate the outdoor setting.

Consider the climate during the planning period. Don’t participate in an outdoor event in Florida in August or Maine in February. The temperature can encourage or discourage attendance. Ensure your uncovered marketing tools (graphics) are made from materials that can withstand moderate rain, wind and heat. You should have a backup plan in case of inclement weather for any outdoor event. Be ready to set up if bad weather develops.

When hosting an outdoor event where you are the primary sponsor:

First, sketch out the area beforehand, to determine the best set up and to plot traffic flow.

Second, figure out the exact time that the sun will set that day to decide if you need lighting for your displays, graphics, and meeting areas. (TIP: Always try to place your graphics facing the sun. Otherwise, the sun will glare from behind your graphics, making it difficult to see them clearly.)

Third, check the availability of electricity and bathrooms to determine if you need to rent generators or portable toilets.

We can design and create displays of any size and scope, supplying both the big ideas and presence needed to make a big impact. And our displays are made to withstand whatever nature throws at them — wind, rain or sun. Talk with an Apple Rock consultant about your outdoor display needs and what we can do for you.