Outdoor Marketing Events Versus Traditional Trade Shows

  As warmer weather approaches, it’s time to start thinking about innovative ways to promote your company’s brand while increasing visibility through face-to-face marketing events. Outdoor marketing events are a great way to put your brand in front of many consumers who don’t typically attend trade shows. These events are typically consumer facing, whereas traditional trade shows focus on business to business sales and influences.  

Outdoor marketing encompasses stand-alone kiosks or temporary structures like you would see on a trade show floor. It also consists of more conventional methods such as billboards, transit advertising on buses or logoed vehicles and any kind of outdoor signage. There are several different types of outdoor events in which people, such as sporting events, corporate sponsorships, like races and golf tournaments, concerts, consumer shows like RV or boat shows, public fairs and festivals and then the road shows your company creates. Road shows are a type of outdoor marketing that host events in different cities or venues in a specified amount of time. In 2014, we had a client that traveled to over 400 cities in 3 months to promote a new line. This company held events daily at a partnering store.

The end results and goals for both outdoor marketing events and traditional trade shows are similar. Ultimately your company is participating in face-to-face marketing events to generate more qualified leads, build brand awareness, engage with current and prospect customers etc.

Why are outdoor events effective and successful?

  • Outdoor events give you the chance to communicate on a personal level at an event that most people choose to attend for personal reasons, which is different than trade shows.
  • Giving information about your company in an approachable, understandable way.
  • Real world communication as opposed to traditional media advertisements are hard to ignore. However you should make sure your messages are cohesive throughout all marketing outlets.
  • There are generally a smaller number of exhibitors making it easier for attendees to see everything.
  • Are typically lower cost but still very effective.

When it comes to advertising at your next outdoor face-to-face marketing event, Apple Rock has you covered. We can not only design and build your exhibition, but can produce the graphics it will take to get you noticed in any environment, wrap your company vehicle, provide staff for your exhibit and more. Contact us today to see how we can help you transition your current tradeshow program into a spectacular outdoor event that commands attention.  

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