Out With The Old, In With The New

This is the time of year when everyone begins to clean out closets, plan new budgets and decide what to do differently in the New Year. As the old saying goes, "Out with the old and in with the new."

So what about your tradeshow or lobby displays? Refreshing your branded environments every year can bring new life to your brand and your image. Refurbishment is a wonderful way to accomplish this while still being kind to the environment. Consider reusing what you can and should. Relieve yourself of the burden of carrying over what weighs you down from season to season or year to year, figuratively and literally.

Lighten the load for shipping - and drayage of course - and incorporate fabric graphics. Look for opportunities to replace old, especially large, graphics with lighter weight fabric graphics. Fabric can help lighten your display both physically and visually. You could take it a step further and retrofit your display with fabric graphic light-boxes!

While you are considering what to do for 2012, or how to economically create a fresh new face for your event branded environments, refurbishing may be the place to start. Recycle, reuse and refurbish!