No Trade Shows? Non-traditional Event Marketing Ideas

Yes, Apple Rock got its start as a provider of trade show services, but we service all kinds of face-to-face marketing events.  Not everyone is exhibiting – at least not in the traditional trade show setting.  If you aren’t going to trade shows, where and how else are you showing off your company and brand?

Outdoor events. If you are the sponsor for the 18th hole at a charity golf event or spreading the word about your business at a local fair, you still need display materials that market your company and brand properly.  Flags, tents, outdoor trade show displays and creative fabric structures can accomplish this as you weather the outdoor setting.

Mobile marketing. If you hit the road with your product or service, you need the proper vehicle and materials to do so.  Wrap your vehicle with dynamic graphics that match your company look and feel.  Bring along a light weight portable trade show display or pop-up display and be ready at a moment's notice!

Office-based events. When you invite potential and existing customers into your space, you will want it to encompass your company’s brand and style.  Update your lobby with digital wall paper and add furniture that is more unique than the standard options.  Showcase your products with creative graphics and imagery on your conference room walls. A branded environment can communicate your values, culture, and objectives in an effective and visually stunning way.

Your face-to-face marketing does not always happen on the trade show floor, so prepare yourself with the tools to make your company and brand sparkle in front of your prospects and clients no matter where you are!