Marketing Trade Shows On Your Website

Web sites are an invaluable tool to provide information about your company, products, and services to existing and future customers.  Since these people are scrolling through your web site, doesn’t it make sense to include your trade show schedule?  By marketing your schedule on your web site, you have an easy way to attract your target audience to your events.

Who, what, where, when?

List out all the shows that you are going to be exhibiting in, and include all the important details – the exact location (of the show and of your booth), show times, and any special details of the event.  While your customer is planning their travel schedule, they have the opportunity to determine where they will fit you in along the way.

Make it easy!

Trade show halls can be large, busy, and sometimes a little difficult to maneuver.  Provide as much information on your web site as possible so as to make it easy for your customer to attend.  Maps of the convention center or hotel, floor plans with your booth number, and any other information to aid in finding you and your booth will increase the likelihood that your target audience will attend and visit you.

Set it up in advance

Since you have all the show information on your web site, why don’t you give your customers the opportunity to schedule an appointment in advance?  They like the ability to have a set time, which means they will get your undivided attention and will not have to wait around.  And even better for you – with a scheduled appointment, you can plan for your meeting properly and even give a little thank you in advance by sending a free admission ticket.

Giveaways and prizes

Want another thing to entice your prospective customers?  Include a ticket on your web site that they can print and bring to the show that enters them in a drawing or gives them a prize or discount on the spot.  This additional incentive is sure to be a hit and draw people in!

The more information you can provide to your customer will give them the opportunity to plan to attend your show and meet with you.  It doesn’t take a lot of time to maintain this, but the attendance at your next show will certainly be worth the little bit of extra effort!