Manufacturing & Setup for Agencies for Trade Show and Conference Booth Design

How does your established corporate identity translate into the graphics, 3D forms and interactive elements necessary to draw the attention of attendees to your exhibit on the trade show floor? Your marketing and design team may have a vision, even a tight design, but the implementation of that vision is no small feat. Apple Rock can be the partner that helps brings that vision to life.  

Although, Apple Rock Displays has full-service design capabilities, we are happy to work with your approved design agency to turn your traditional marketing pieces into large format graphics, keeping with your brand standards, while making people take notice at your next event or conference.

We understand how important it is to build brand recognition at conferences and trade shows and would like to be your partner throughout the entire process from concepting-to post show disassembly.

We can work with your advertising agency in two ways, either by taking the already created pieces and turning them into large format graphics for you or educating the agency on how to make graphics appropriate for the trade show floor. One problem we often run into is although the marketing pieces are great, traditional print ads do not translate well into large format graphics. The result: pixelated graphics and messaging that doesn't work at scale. We have worked with many agency provided graphic specs and templates, to ensure every piece meets brand standards and looks terrific.

We want your exhibit to branding to be cohesive from the big eye-catching graphics to the collateral materials you hand out to attendees.

We can achieve this by working closely with your established agency on the follow common pain points:

  •     How to set up a large format design files
  •     Staying away from text rich graphics when working with large graphics
  •     Designing to the fit the dimensions, shape and flow of the booth
  •     Translating traditional media into elements for a trade show or live event
  •     Considering lighting and texture as part of the design process

Having graphics that keep your brand standards cohesive through multiple touch points during live face-to-face events is a great way to position yourself as the qualified #leadschamp of your company. For 26 years, Apple Rock has been helping clients best represent the essence of their brand in a creative and functional way. Contact us today, to see how we can use your company's corporate branding standards and create a powerful presence for you at the next trade show or conference.

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