Look Outside for New Opportunities

The year of April is over, and May is upon us with its promise of warmer weather.  Along with the promise of warmer weather is the promise of new opportunities, and business. Granted, many states are still under various restrictions, but we are seeing outside events opening up sooner than trade shows. More than ever people will be ready to get outside for fresh air and safe gathering. If you don’t already participate and sponsor outside events now is the time to consider allocating some of those unspent trade show dollars towards new opportunities to generate leads, brand awareness and sales.

Outdoor marketing is not a far stretch from planning for a trade show, but exhibiting at outdoor events typically requires some different exhibit materials and promotional tools. Here are some ideas to help you prepare for exhibiting outside or road show presentations.


You will surely stand out with a custom branded inflatable tent. Ultra-portable and durable tent solutions can be configured in various sizes and formations to accommodate any kind of venue (outside or inside). Not only will you look good, but they serve as great protection for mother nature.

Tents are perfect for sponsorhip events, outdoor activations, corproate promotions, anre more. There are so many customizable options like interchangeable roofs, walls, canopies, tunnels and more. The lightweight and quick to set-up features allow you to grab and go to any marketing event at a moment’s notice.


One thing many marketers overlook is the opportunity to wrap your corporate vehicles.  Not only do you use these to transport your exhibit materials to events, but they act as a mobile billboard for your company 365 days a year. This is something you should consider if you are planning any up coming road shows.

Vehicles wraps can be bold and creative, or they can be subtle and classy. Our graphics designers work with our clients to create the image that best represents their brand, just as we do for our trade show designs.

The end results and goals for outdoor marketing events, road shows and traditional trade shows are similar. Ultimately your company is participating in face-to-face marketing events to generate more qualified leads, build brand awareness, engage with current and prospect customers etc. There are generally a smaller number of exhibitors, making it easier for you engage and connect with people on a more personal level.  

Let the experts at Apple Rock help you redefine your face-to-face marketing opportunities for 2020. Contact us for your customized consultation.