Location, Location, Location: Choosing a Local or National Trade Show Display Partner- Why not Both?

The internet has changed the way we do business, in fact it has decimated geographical barriers for many companies. Just think about it for a second, the last time you performed a basic internet search for a product you were interested in buying, how many of your initial search results were a company from another country?  The answer, even though the internet now has great location tracking, too many!

When you are investing thousands of dollars into a trade show exhibit, it’s important to know that your exhibit is being built with quality materials at a facility relativity close to your company if not in your own back yard. This is important because you will have the ability to give your opinion throughout the design process and you will want to see the finished display before it ships to show.  Plus, being able to easily attend meetings is essential to the success of your event marketing program. 

Apple Rock has 5 locations total, 3 of them being full-service facilities located in North Carolina, Las Vegas and New Jersey.  Making us an ideal choice for many companies across the country. Not to mention the loads of long-term vendor partnerships we have to assist us in ensuring your face-to-face event goes off without a hitch. Apple Rock’s headquarters is centrally located in North Carolina. We would like to say that this location is where the magic happens, but that’s not true. We can make magic happen in many different venues all over the United States, however many of our custom-made exhibits do come from this 120,000 square foot facility that features high-bay manufacturing, state-of-the-art CNC machinery and a multipurpose paint room.

So, what does all this mean for you? That answer is simple. We have the ability to provide high-quality products bundled with remarkable customer service close to you, wherever your organization is located in the United States.

Forbes Magazine states “that the internet has always been about making connections between the online and offline world. Internet connectivity will continue to transform the way we live, do business and connect to the local and global communities. This being said, the internet is a great way to find and research full-service exhibit houses, but relying on local expertise is the best way to guarantee the success of your event. Contact us today to learn about all the ways we can help your company be successful.

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