Let Today’s Trends In Tradeshow Technology Boost Your ROI!

Is your tradeshow booth "tech savvy?" If not, there are many ways in which you can bring the latest and greatest technology to your booth and enhance your ROI. Most of us already know about the basics of online offerings related to trade shows such as exhibitor kits, registration, travel arrangements, RFP's and so on. But how many of you have not taken the opportunity to explore the world of Pre-Show, During-Show, and Post-Show Meeting Technology? The objective is to give exhibitors and attendees the ability to browse each other's profiles and see the type of prospects each person would like to meet during the show and, most importantly, be able to request appointments in the pre-show process. If a particular show offers this service, it is recommended to carefully review the site and look for their key prospects to interact with before the show and hopefully secure an appointment with them while at the show. The use of this service can certainly maximize your trade show participation and make the most of your tradeshow ROI!

There are many high technology options available to today's exhibitor including RFID technology, mobile app technology, and eyeclick media technology.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID serves the same purpose as a bar code or a magnetic strip on the back of the credit card. It provides a unique identifier for that object. RFID provides information on Product Searches, where end users will be able to search product offerings and vendors will have the option of posting product information. Another RFID benefit is Blog Management, whereby vendors can post to their own blogs and communicate with the larger RFID community. The same goes for Online Forums where users will be able to post questions or comments on open forums. Another RFID feature is the Creation of Polls providing information on subjects such as attendee likes, dislikes, and what is it they really want? Lastly, Vendor Information is accessible through RFID whereby vendors can post press releases, offer brochures, white papers, and other literature.

Another new high technology option for the booth exhibitor today is mobile application technology. Apple Rock is the forerunner in offering this exciting technology to exhibitors today and the results are dramatic. There is now the ability to add an application to your PDA or cell phone that, when used, can tell you which buyers visited your booth, provides their contact information, and the products in which they showed interest. This provides a great follow-up tool that you can use to book more sales and, as with other technology options, increase your booth ROI.

Eyeclick is an interactive projection technology used for attention and interaction with booth attendees that showcases the branding of the client in a unique way. It is truly twenty first century technology that can make your space "fun" and inviting. A desktop computer is utilized along with a projector that hangs from the top of the booth and projects an image downwards. Users can then interact with the image and create a great conversation starter. Apple Rock is a licensee of eyeclick media technology in the United States.

Lastly, virtual meetings and virtual trade shows will continue to play an important role in your booth experience, but they will never be able to replace the face-to-face interaction that a tradeshow, meeting or seminar provides. Having a "tech savvy" booth sure doesn't hurt and it needn't be a budget buster. Talk with your Apple Rock Design Consultant today about the high tech possibilities for your booth.