Let Apple Rock Stress Over Staffing Your Events

Hiring the right, talented and hardworking staff for your face-to-face marketing event has a huge impact on the outcome of the event. Having the best of the best, can increase your ROI, increase qualified leads and boost your sales. When staffing any event make sure to utilize people who are engaging, smart, outgoing and but most importantly want to be there. It’s horrible to walk into a trade show or event and interact with someone who is clearly doesn’t want to be there. 

Here at Apple Rock, we know the importance of employing the right people. We also know how stressful finding these people can be, not to mention finding the time to interview and train them, if they are not part of your organization already. This is one reason why we pride ourselves on being able to find the best crowd gatherers, spokes models, hostesses, brand specialists and lead generators out there, to represent your company at any event.

Remember these people leave lasting impression of your company’s brand, positive or negative.

If you are not sending people from inside of your organization, let us help you find the perfect staff to truly represent your brand while contributing to the success of your event. When we hire any staff, but especially for trade shows, we ensure that they are:

  • Good listeners who know the importance of asking open-ended questions.
  • Friendly, outgoing and approachable.
  • Fast learners, who can get to know your business inside and out.
  • People who want to enthusiastically and intelligently speak about your products and services with potential customers.

The bottom line is that Apple Rock knows the trade show industry inside and out. We are here to help your event be a successful and rewarding one for your company, while taking some of the stress out of the process for you at the same time. Speak to one of our experienced team members today, to see how we can take the hassle out of staffing your next event.

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