visually stimulating hanging signs

Lady Gaga Obviously Loves Trade Show Displays

Whether you are a Lady Gaga fan or not, I bet you could not help but sit and stare mesmerized at that bizarre Super Bowl half time show. What a display! A fascinating mixture of lighting, circus tricks, awkward Napoleon Dynamite-style dancing and incredible staging kept me glued to my seat. I had planned to refill my plate with wings and chips for the second half but I could not turn away.

Most days, trade show booths are on my mind and the Big Game was no exception (seriously). It made me think about what makes for a truly unforgettable show, concert or display. Why and how did this half time show score a touchdown in the visual interest department? How does that relate to building an amazing booth? After all, the well-executed stage, lights and A/V of a Super Bowl are really just components of a giant trade show display (work with me here). 

The Halftime Show “Display Breakdown”:

Hanging Structures – Lady Gaga herself is my favorite hanging structure of all time and shows the power of placing interesting things over your display. You can’t help but look up (sequined leotard with shoulder pads not necessarily included). *I do not recommend actually suspending someone above your booth - but noting that creatively designed hanging structures have a similar effect.

Interesting Logo Branding – those drone flying lights were awesome and I didn’t mind seeing monstrous logos thousands of feet across when mini-helicoptors are involved. Creative use of logos is a key element to any display. 

Modular Structures with Multi-Level Activity Areas – that giant stage was all tubes and very similar to the foundational structure used in many Apple Rock built displays. Amazing they could get all of that set up and torn down in 30 minutes. Maybe they used FabLite?

State-of-the-art A/V with wireless microphones and PA System – every ooh and aah and auto-tuned note is crystal clear. Sound is crucial in any setting and adding LED screens only increases the impact. Trade show video karaoke anyone?

In-Floor LED Lighting – the modular floor had large scale LED color changing lighting built directly into it. This was a great example of how lighting can be imbedded into flooring with color changing options.

Custom led lighting for display keytar jamsCustom Stage Lighting – moving LED lighting beautifully accented that 80’s-style keytar and circular piano jam. I counted over 60 moving lights and 65 Gaga knee bends. Just a few lights can add a huge visual impact to your display.

Booth Staff – hordes of squirming dancers and shipped-in audience minions gave the appearance of a Gaga convention in space. Maybe your booth staff could take inspiration! (I don’t know what that means but it sounded good).

Giveaways – eveybody loves complimentary light stick glowing things. Or I suppose any nice freebie will work.

Giant Flame Spewing Light Towers - (OK, maybe not the best idea for a booth). But awesome.

Imagination is the key to an eye-catching display and your vision quest coupled with the Apple Rock design team will make your booth dreams a reality. We love building state-of-the-art concepts that push visual and technological boundaries. Our custom fab workshops make anything possible.

If you want people to go gaga over your booth (sorry, had to do it) schedule a free hour consultation with one of our design experts and explore the nearly unlimited options available for your next trade show display program.