Is Interior Design an Important Element for Corporate Branded Spaces?

"We shape our buildings; thereafter, they shape us"  Winston Churchill

Branding a space is more than simply hanging a logo in a lobby; it’s about creating an emotional connection between your organization and employees and clients. It uses the environment as a whole to communicate your brand in an innovative way. Creating an atmosphere with specific brand messages and feelings makes your company memorable.  

If your lobby could talk what would it say?

The lobby of your office is a window into your company’s culture, allowing outsiders to literally walk through your brand, truly experiencing your business. Effective branded spaces communicate your brand identity visually and is a creative way to entice people to think differently about your organization. Whether a corporate, institutional or educational business, interior design plays a huge role when constructing branded environments of all shapes and sizes. Here at Apple Rock, we specialize in helping your company tell its story through innovative channels. We work closely with interior designers to plan and execute an attention grabbing brand branded space.  

Why is interior design so important to the effectiveness of your branded space? Those answers are simple, your branded environment should not only tell a story, but it should also be comfortable and functional. There are a few components to interior design that have a tremendous impact on the how the space will be perceived.

Here just are a few objectives take into consideration when working with your interior designer while designing your branded environment.

  1.  Is the space balanced? Balance is an important element that makes people feel comfortable.

  2.  Are all the elements to scale and proportionate to the rest of your space? If you want the focal point to be a say, a wall of doughnuts, make sure that’s the largest item in the space.

  3.  How do the colors chosen impact the atmosphere or mood of the room?  Orange is known to evoke excitement while red stimulates the mind. There’s not a lot you can change when it comes to brand standards, but see how you can coordinate those colors with others to create an amazing space.

  4.  What do you want as the main focal point of your branded space? Once this detail is decided good designers will design around it.

  5.  Are all the design elements being used together to create harmony within the branded environment? You want your space to tell a story but also be inviting.

Apple Rock designers will work with any interior designer of your choice or we you can utilize our experience with branded spaces to create an environment that will change people perception of your organization. Contact us today to see how we can help create a branded space that tells your story and will not go unnoticed by employees, potential clients, students or competitors.

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