Interactive Trade Show Booth Technology and Relationships

What is Interactive Technology? Interactive technology can take many different forms these days. It ranges from Social Media, and responsive websites, to touch screen technology and Google goggles with 3D graphical renderings through cellular and optical technology. In the trade show industry, the alternative reality with goggles has become very popular, but the companies using this technology are missing a critical point. They can do the same thing from the mobile devices we carry with us everyday everywhere we go. No need to put foreign objects over our eyes to get that alternate reality effect. But we digress.

Another very popular form of interactive technology lays in touch screen technology that allows for interaction from the user. People can walk up to the table, play a video, write notes on pdf’s they find useful and then email the nuggets of information to themselves, or others.  All of the actions taken by each user are tracked and reported back to you, the table operator, following the show. This allows for more targeted follow up, increasing the engagement factor with the visitor long after the show has ended. This information is also useful for creating email and social media marketing campaigns as you can take the data and develop targeted campaigns that you know your cliental associate with because you have the data to prove it. This takes all the guess work out of your marketing and just makes it a smart growth strategy even off the show floor.

Interactive technology not only gives you great data following your show, it gives your show attendees something exciting and fun to talk about at the show. The interactive tables and walls we have placed in trade shows over the last 2 years have had significantly positive impact on number of visitors to the display at which the interactive table has been placed over your traditional trade show booth, and the engagement level of the visitors has resulted in thousands of dollars in business revenue for the company exhibiting with the technology.

How does this happen? It is simple really. Everyone likes to feel listened to and appreciated. On the show floor it can be challenging to give 100% of your attention to each visitor in your space. The technology is able to fill in the gaps creating an experience unique to that visitor and it is one they will not forget - allowing your firm to stay top of mind right where you need to be to close the deal.

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Terri Wakins, Account Manager

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