Increase Your Traffic with Hanging Signs

How do you identify yourself as a must-see exhibitor? How you tell attendees who you are, where to find you, and that you can't be missed? Have you thought about using a hanging sign to be the first to catch a prospect's eye? An impactful hanging sign may be the additional signage you need to increase your traffic.

By rigging a sign from the ceiling of the trade show hall, you are increasing your display area exponentially and encouraging those across the hall to find you and visit your booth. The benefits of a hanging sign include:

  • A new sign can really make you stand out. Hanging signs come in all different shapes and sizes that you can select to mimic your look and brand. You can even create a custom shape to match your logo shape, include your corporate/brand message, or even a dynamic image or picture.
  • In addition to the impact from the height of your sign, you can also creatively add light and motion, both of which increase the attention to you booth.
  • Hanging signs are now light weight, making them easy to ship, assemble & hang!

    Although rigging a hanging sign does require the expense of having the show rig it, the guaranteed impact, surge in traffic and the resulting rise in sales opportunities make it worth the additional expense!