How One Trade Show Exhibitor Transformed Sales With a Booth Overhaul: The BJB Electric Success Story

Have you ever wondered what updating your booth would do for your sales or the number of leads generated? Will the new design increase brand awareness or earn your company a stronger foothold within the industry? These are questions often faced when trying to decide if you want to refurbish an old booth, or design a completely new one for your company’s next trade show. BJB Lighting recently changed its booth after using the same design for years and the results were amazing.

The original booth was not built by Apple Rock, but throughout the years our company updated the exhibit working closely with BJB to ensure all their needs were addressed.

Take a look at the old booth. Does it effectively represent a company that sells lighting components? 

When BJB decided it was time for a new exhibit that better reflected its brand, Apple Rock designed and built a brand new custom booth. The new design was built for the largest lighting trade show in North America, LightFair. The ultimate goal for the exhibit was to provide a more hands on experience for attendees while creating a fresh look and feel, conducive to their new product line. BJB also wanted to increase sales, strengthen their customer base and build on partnerships already owned. The focus of the BJB exhibit design was creating an engaging interaction with the attendees, encouraging them to spend 10-15 minutes in the booth, unlike in the past when the booth was known as a look and go. We added a hospitality area and ideation station to the welcoming design, which gave attendees a reason to stay longer.

Take a look at the new booth designed and built for BJB by Apple Rock.

As you can see, the open design gives attendees room to truly experience BJB’s new product line. The simple design is functional and gives the client the tools necessary to build excitement while providing a hands on experience for attendees. The attendees reacted well to the new design giving an overall positive reaction. Although it takes some time after trade shows to gauge how well the booth impacted sales, BJB succeeded in creating a buzz about its participation in the show and new product line. BJB also generated more qualified leads with the new efficient and effective exhibit than in previous years.

Changing an existing design can be intimidating at first, but not if you have a great custom design and build house with you at every turn. 

The design was effective and efficient. The staff at Apple Rock made me feel assured and secured going through set-up, especially as a first time exhibitor.

--- Aris Karabetsos, Product and Marketing Manager for BJB Electric

Updating your exhibit design is necessary if you want to stand out from the crowd. A trade show booth is an extension of your company that should effectively communicate your brand to potential clients.  If you have been thinking about a new exhibit design or simply adding new elements to your existing booth contact Apple Rock to see how we can help.