How to Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Exhibit

A great way to convert trade show attendees into customers is to have them engage with your company and products on the show floor. Initially, the best way to drive traffic to your trade show exhibit is through preshow promotions. You must shout it from the roof tops, figuratively or literally, depending how you feel about it. However, after you have let everyone know that you will be at trade show through traditional and nontraditional outlets, then you must determine the best way to draw the right attendees into your exhibit from the show floor.

Here are some great ideas to bring traffic to your exhibit:

  • Use exciting graphics to make a great first impression. These ‘billboards’ are a great way to attract attention on the trade show floor. Make sure they are unique and truly represent your brand.  
  • Impress attendees with booth design and graphic messaging.
  • Make sure your booth configuration is inviting and traffic flows freely.
  • Offer attendees a place to lounge, they will hang around longer.  
  • Have comfortable flooring for tired feet. This will make attendees want to hang around your exhibit longer.
  • Meet their basic needs with food, water or electronic device charging stations. This is not enough if you don’t engage attendee while they are in your booth, play a video on loop then find out what their current needs as a consumer are.
  • Host great entertainment within your booth.
  • Have fun contests, with great prizes.
  • Extend special ‘show only’ incentives for people that visit your booth.

Now, although these are not new ideas and have been done by almost every exhibiting company in the world, the whole idea is to create a memorable experience for trade show attendees. You have to be different to stand out. Building traffic is good but not enough to transform those qualified leads into sales. You must put your own spin on these simple concepts, giving potential customers a reason to stop by your booth and engage with your staff.

The key to being a qualified #leadschamp is bringing people into your exhibit and appealing to their business needs with the products and services your company is offering. More than not, if you can imagine it, a skilled exhibit house has the expertise to make it happen. If you need more ideas on how to get people into your booth, contact a seasoned professional at Apple Rock for a free consultation today.