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How to Avoid Surprise Drayage Charges on Trade Show Shipping

Drayage is a term used in the trade show industry for material handling. Simply put, you pay for the show decorators to move your freight (all the pieces of your exhibit) from the loading dock to your assigned space. Generally the cost is determined by every 100 pounds of freight, but the total price depends on the city and venue your show is in. We know it can be expensive, so we would like to share some tips on how to save money while avoiding surprise drayage charges.

Tips for avoiding surprise drayage charges:

  1. Make sure you are auditing your material-handling invoice! Before shipping your exhibit know how many pallets you have and how much each pallet weighs so you can reconcile the charges.
  2. Know what you are shipping. Are all of your items palletized? Do any of them require special handling – like large machinery?
  3. Group multiple boxes into a single pallet. You will be charged for the minimum weight per shipment, generally 200 pounds, so combine all those lose boxes.
  4. Check prices and ask questions, to ensure there are no surprises when you get the final bill!
  5. Inquire what costs are included in the drayage fee: are marshalling yard and equipment fees, like forklifts, included or will there be separate charges for those?
  6. Stick to your deadlines! There will be extra charges for shipments that arrive past the due date.

Money Saving Tips:

  1. Ship freight together, only making one trip. This will save on the shipping and receiving fee, which most shows charge.
  2. If you have smaller, last minute packages, send them to your hotel not to the show, to avoid receiving fees.
  3. When you ship advanced, you can sometimes avoid drayage fees all together or benefit from discounted rates, but make sure you ask.
  4. Don’t ship unnecessary items. In today’s high-tech world you can replace printed collateral materials with interactive technology! If you still want the handouts, take a printer with you and print on demand. This will save you money on shipping to and from the show
  5. Lighten your load by making your booth smaller or using lightweight materials like fabric and extrusion versus heavy wood displays.

Saving on drayage is just as important as not being surprised by hidden fees associated with material handling. An experienced full-service display house can help you calculate, manage and maybe save money on the shows drayage fees, ultimately positioning you as your company’s qualified #leadschamp. Request a free consultation from the experienced team at Apple Rock, today!

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