How to Avoid Exhibit Design Delays

Welcome back to trade shows and live events! We have missed you!!! It is so exciting and energizing to be holding real conversations with clients about their upcoming show schedule, not to mention the many clients that are at live shows this month and next month. While I could go on and on about how thrilled we are to be busy again, I want to address the elephant in the room not many people are talking about... supply chain issues and delays! YUK!

Supply chain issues have affected almost every industry, and it is still a very real issue right now.  But rather than get into the weeds about it, I want to help you avoid any implications it could have on your own display order and trade show plans. So, I have crafted a quick list of three things you can do to avoid any upsets and undo stress.


Our design schedule is filling up fast, so even if your show is not for a few months, or as far out as first quarter 2022, go ahead and get your design request in now so we have time to collaborate and provide you a thoughtful solution. Usually when our designers have more time to work on a design the results end up being far more creative, it also gives you more time to plan every detail to ensure a top-notch presentation at your next event. Plus, designing now puts your project into our queue and on our radar. 

Once your design is approved, we only require a deposit to get your project into the queue and will not charge the balance until the project is complete and ready to ship.


The number one thing you can do to avoid any possible delays or snafus with your display design is to order early. The live event and trade show industry, historically, is renowned for pushing things to the last minute but that is not the reality we are living in now. While Apple Rock may be staffed up and ready to serve, many other display houses and industry vendors are not. So staffing issues will affect turn time and schedule delays.  

When it comes to ordering the build materials, we do keep a lot of standard items in stock, but when it comes to any of our custom branded touches those materials may be harder to get and have a longer lead time. Just like most other industries, we are experiencing supply and shipping delays and the best way to avoid those delays are to move up timeline and order early. Ordering early also helps prevent headaches and last minute changes to your design.


Trade show rentals usually represent about 50% of our business. They make sense to many customers for several reasons. Using a customized rental display allows you to try a new design, or a new size exhibit, without the longer term purchase commitment. Also, if you are in a time crunch - like last minute decission to go to an upcoming show - rental inventory already exists and makes building your exhibit faster for tighter turns. While we at Apple Rock always add custom elements to our rental designs to match your brand style, being able to build the foundation of the exhibit from existing inventory can reduce timelines, stress, and help avoid impacts of supply delays. Most of our clients love the ease, and convenience of our rental solutions and don't feel that are sacraficing branding or uniqeness. 


Reach out to us today and talk to one of our design experts. We are here to help make your transition back into trade shows and live events as smooth as possible. It is what we do best!


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