Harvest The Leads You Have Planted This Year

Now is the time of year where all of us in business can begin to “harvest” everything that we have worked all year on.  Look back to all of the seeds that you planted earlier in the year and see where they are now.

  • Some seeds may have produced early for you – they are done – move on.
  • Some seeds may have not produced at all – time to plow them under.
  • Some seeds have produced fruit that is waiting for the perfect time to be taken – This requires daily attention!
  • Some seeds have produced fruit that you are uncertain about – make a decision now and move on.

You can prioritize your harvest in the fourth quarter of the year with great ease.  Most or all of the heavy lifting has been done.  Most of the critical decisions have been made; budget, quality, value, etc.  Your customer is waiting for you to determine when the best time is to close the deal.

If you find yourself without much of a field to pick, look just outside where you normally plant.  Many times you will find that plants have grown where you least expect them or you can take advantage of “volunteers”.

It is a great time to review all of the trade show leads and other leads that have accumulated throughout the year. 

Many of their companies will have budget leftover for this year and others will be able to spend against new budgets approved for January 1st.  Remember that uncertain fruit?  Perhaps a little fertilizer and attention will have it in great shape for the New Year.

Going to harvest also means implementation of new tools.  Large wheat farmers contract for large combines to come in and harvest the wheat.  What tools will you be using to harvest your crop?  Do you need to attend a trade show in the 4th quarter to get some of your customers “off the fence”?  Would a company open house provide an opportunity to really study your crop?  Do your customers respond well to face to face appointments, meals, golf?  Do you need new closing tools this season?  Are you happy with your current shed full of tools?

Bringing in the harvest is critical to the farmer.  Timing is critical.  Weather is critical.  Plant quality is critical. Sames applies to business.  When your crop is ready – jump in!  Take advantage of all of the work that it took to get to this point.  Make it the most plentiful harvest ever!


Jeff Haughton 
Director of Events & Sponsorships

Jeff Haughton is a 40 year veteran of the trade and consumer show industries. He currently manages 4 RV Shows for Apple Rock and works with many of Apple Rock’s clients on their trade show exhibit programs. Jeff is a past winner of IAEE’s Chairman’s Award and has served on their board of directors.


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