Green & Sustainable Trade Show Displays

The idea of “going green” has exploded in the trade show world.  Although any display will have some impact on the earth, it can be greatly reduced.  A sustainable or green trade show display can decrease the harm to the environment by conserving energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing pollution, and conserving natural resources.  There are a number of ways to go green!

Carbon Footprint

Lighten your load!  If you think about how much you ship your display from show to show, it’s easy to see that your cases rack up a lot of mileage.  By incorporating lightweight materials like fabric and aluminum extrusions, your shipments will be lighter, reducing your carbon emissions generated through shipping.  An added bonus is that your display may even take less time to install and dismantle, which will save you money!

Recyclable Materials

When building a new exhibit, consider the various eco-friendly options that are now available.  Instead of traditional carpeting, consider bamboo, cork, and sisal carpeting.  Aluminum is a great product because it is light weight, recyclable, durable, and versatile, which gives you great options for reconfiguring your booth.  Trade show display graphics can now be printed on materials created from recycled plastic.  Even the ink we use (water-based inks) are an option instead of the traditional solvent-based inks.


A great way to be green is to use something that already exists!  Consider renting a trade show display. Customize it for your needs, and when you are ready for something new, you rent something else.  Renting keeps your look fresh and exciting while saving the environment.  It’s a win, win!


Recyclable products can be great giveaways!  A recycled bag can be used at the trade show and then for groceries when attendees return home and an organic t-shirt can reinforce your brand and green initiatives.

The benefits of going green are numerous, and the environment thanks you.  But you know who else will?  Your customers.  An increasing number of consumers are concerned about the environment, so demonstrating your commitment to the environment will certainly enhance your company’s brand image.