Got Big Plans This Summer?

2020 sure has thrown us a curve ball, but Summer is here, and people are craving face-to-face interactions. When the weather warms up, and the days get longer, people want to get outside and do things. Right now, people want some sense of normalcy and outdoor events offer a refreshing opportunity for your company, and for your soul. So, what plans do you have for this summer?

Most people fall into one of two buckets right now – their company and business activities are completely frozen, and they are not committing to anything, or they are scrambling to put together a summer program to revive their business. If you are reading this blog right now, I assume you fall into the later bucket. Good choice! So, let me help you formulate a solid summer plan.

The first thing you and your team need to do is identify local and regional events you can easily drive to, avoiding any air travel restrictions/concerns.

The goal is to keep your name in front of people. Network with your community, remind people you are still there; or if you are a relatively new business, introduce them to your brand and what you can do to help them personally or professionally. You are in business to help solve a need - whether you are a B2C or B2B. Grassroot efforts are the best way to stay active and engaged this summer. Check your local event calendars and your local chambers to see what type of events they have coming up that make sense for you to attend. Also consider sponsorship opportunities for even more exposure.

Now that you have selected which events you plan to attend you need figure out what your presentation will look like.

You might need to consider purchasing or renting a new display or consider updating an existing one with fresh new graphics and messaging. You want to make sure you stand out and look sharp, but more importantly you need to make sure your message is relevant and helps solve specific needs and emotions right now. Portable displays and banner stands work best for these situations as they are lightweight, easy to haul around in your car, and usually easy enough for 1-2 people to set up quickly. Depending on the type of event and venue, you also might want to consider a branded inflatable tent for protection from any possible weather elements.

Lastly, you need to make sure you have some cool swag to hand out.

I recommend you buy quality promotional items that people are likely to use every day, showing off your brand every time they use it. I suggest a three tiers approach to giveaways:

  1. The 1st level should be an inexpensive item that you are willing to hand out to anyone that walks by, whether they stop to engage or not. Something that is still effective but doesn’t cost too much money to put your name in front of a new potential customer. This can be something like a pen or a koozie. Whichever fits your brand and the event best.

  2. The 2nd level should be something nicer for those who do stop in and engage with you and are willing to give you some information. Something like a reusable bag to put collateral in, and other things they collect throughout the day, spreading your company name around all day long. This is also something they may keep in their car and use every time they go to the store – exposing your brand to more people. Another suggestion, relevant to today, is a nice stylus they can use to avoid getting germs from touch screens they encounter every day.
  3. The 3rd tier ideally is reserved for good customers that stop by to see you and higher engaged prospects that are willing to schedule a follow-up call/appointment with you. This is a quality lead that feeds your CRM for future engagement and could quickly lead to a new sale, so they deserve a quality gift. Perhaps a nice travel coffee tumbler or water bottle, plus the other two items listed above.

Now that you have your summer plan together it is time to activate it!

Make sure you recruit some energetic and engaging staff members to help you at these events. And don’t forget your stylish branded apparel, branded masks and your smiles!

Let's start planning now.