Freshen up the Look and Feel of Your Exhibit Easily With new Flooring

Are you looking for a simple and semi-painless upgrade for your exhibit this spring? Flooring is the often forgotten about 5th wall of your trade show exhibit that truly helps your brand to stand and it clearly defines your space on the show floor. It has the ability to attract or repulse attendees. We have all seen booths with worn out or hideous carpet. Take a second to stop and think how the dilapidated flooring reflected on that company’s brand or appearance. Did it leave you with a bad impression?      

We work with companies that skimp on flooring because they think it’s a great way to save money on their display budget, however omitting or choosing the cheapest variety of flooring is a huge mistake. Flooring is a major asset to your exhibition for two main reasons.

  1. Aesthetics: Flooring defines your space. It turns the cold, drab concrete that you will find in every exhibit hall, or worse the horrible pattern, multi-colored carpet in hotel ballrooms into an inviting part of your branded environment. It completes the overall look of the display.
  2. Comfort: Offering attendees a soft space to rest their tired feet after walking miles on the hard concrete floors entices them to stay longer, ultimately giving your more time to educate them on your brand, products and services.

This display element truly adds a finished look to your exhibit. You have a few choices when it comes to flooring: carpet, mat flooring, vinyl or hard woods. The best thing about flooring is that is completely customizable to truly reflect your brand essence. It can advertise your logo or brand message, showcase unique graphics or be just simple. The great thing about flooring is that it truly adds that finished look to your exhibit.

Here at Apple Rock, we are committed to taking a more sustainable approach to trade shows. We recommend buying flooring, as opposed to renting, if you attend more than one show a year, it will create less environmental waste while saving your company money in the long run.  

Our experienced team can help you decide which floor best fits your needs and budget, helping you become the qualified #leadschamp of your office.

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