Following up after a Trade Show Effectively

•Always have a plan on how you want to follow up on leads after your trade show. You need to decide exactly how to you want to follow up, whether it is via email, phone, or direct mail.

•Take notes on leads. A special something about a certain individual may help you when following-up on them. Taking notes about them allows you to respond to their specific needs.

•Follow up immediately before they lose interest or take interest in another company.

•Don’t send mass e-mails, or letters. You need to personalize your follow-up method to provide them with as much useful information as you can.

•Learn from your follow-ups. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about what they did and didn’t like. What could you have done more effectively? How could you have done this? What would have been more engaging? Any feedback is good feedback.

•Organize your leads in accordance to importance. You don’t want more than you can handle, so organizing allows for you to make sure you at lease get to the high importance leads within 24 hours. The leads that are of higher importance may include those individuals who spent a lot of time in your booth, or a lot of time asking questions.

•When following-up you want to reiterate the fact that you are not just trying to get them to buy your product. Try to let them know you want them to “learn more” or “get to know your company better”.