Faster, Better or Cheaper- Pick Two

Faster, better or cheaper- pick two! This old adage has been applied many times throughout different industries to various products and services, but the meaning still remains the same. You can’t have it all. The unfortunate thing about this saying, besides the fact that we have all heard it a million times, is that it is absolutely true, no matter the product or service in question. It’s impossible for a company to provide a solution that encompasses all three - fast, good and cheap, it’s just not possible.  

I can see the puzzled expressions on your faces now and hear you asking ‘that’s all true but what does this have to do with trade show displays or services’? Well, that answer is you, the event manager. This quote is more about personal expectations and values than the actual type of products and services a trade show exhibit house can provide. Where do you place the most value? Is it most important to have the display built quickly? Does the price matter more than quality? We can be quick, and we  always strive to do it better however we may not always be the cheapest available option, because quality matters the most to us.

All too often we speak with clients that decided to choose the ‘cheaper’ exhibit and were very unsatisfied with the quality of their display. When you invest in a trade show display keep in the back of your mind that you are investing in a multi-year experience, not simply a display. We think the quality of your display should be an important factor because the better the quality the easier it will be on you, for years to come. Sometimes when you choose the cheaper price tag it can be deceiving. The upfront price may seem like a great deal, but when you start adding the cost of the repairs you will have to make over the next few years and it could very well exceed the original price of the more expensive exhibit.

Although some display houses may promise fast, good and cheap, we all know that this isn’t going to happen. So the bottom line is do you want it fast and cheap, quality and fast or quality and cheap…LOL, that last one is a laugh, because we all know it doesn’t exist? Here at Apple Rock, we pride ourselves in manufacturing award-wining quality displays in any combination to meet your goals. We will always determine the best solution to meet your needs for the best price, but that will not always equate to cheap. Contact us today to see how we can help your company stand out on the show floor with amazing exhibits, graphics and interactive technology.