Facial Detection at Trade Shows: Targeted Messaging for Cohorts and Individuals

I know what you are thinking, "Facial detection... Isn’t that for the NSA, or just something you see on TV?" While it’s still quite new in the trade show industry, this technology is quickly gaining popularity as a way to gauge the demographics of attendees in your booth, track movements to see which exhibit components are most effective, and monitor flow within the space. The data collected will help you evaluate the effectiveness of the current marketing strategy and strategize enhancements to improve the results of communications with specific audiences. 

Facial Detection provides real-time, anonymous audience demographic data from real-world environments using standard web cameras.

This allows your company to activate facial detection on iPads, computers, or any device with a video camera. No personal information is collected and no images are saved. Facial detection supplies you with the following information:

  • the number of people who visited your booth,
  • approximate ages of visitors,
  • percent of male attendees and percent of female attendees,
  • attention times,
  • distances of engagement,
  • emotional states,
  • and more.

Real-time movement tracking collects data about traffic load and foot patterns. 

When you have the help of live and historical data on volume and path flows, you can better assess and adjust the distribution of staff within an area — ensuring you are capturing every qualified lead that visits your exhibit. Movement tracking can help determine where to place products and literature for the highest impact on attendees. It monitors hot spots, dwell and wait times to help your company get the most out of every trade show.

Unlike most trade show technology in use today, facial and movement detection is not designed to lure the crowd with over-the-top, entertaining effects. The "wow factor" is more subtle. You can personalize the content seen on screens depending on what the attendee was interested in or looking at when they first arrived at your booth. Utilize projection mapping or other head-turning enhancements to draw them in, and let facial recognition pull them deeper into your sales process once they've entered your booth. 

So, not only is facial detection and movement tracking software not just for the NSA or TV, it's within your reach with Apple Rock as your branded space and event marketing partner. Improve your engagement during the show, and leave with a wealth of knowledge to help you plan for the future. Let facial recognition be one of the tools that help you become a qualified #leadschamp

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