Face to Face Marketing Tips – Business Networking & Relationship Building 101

How many of your customers are you reaching each week? What message does your brand convey to them? What about your prospects? Tom Hopkins once said, "I need to do the most productive thing in every moment during every single day. I need to be in front of people that CAN and WILL buy my product."

Face to face marketing is a necessity in today’s competitive landscape. Let's face it, we are so busy being busy on our iPhone, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, that we may have forgotten a simple but very effective method of communication…face to face interaction!  A firm handshake, a smile, a compliment, you never know how this makes an impression in peoples minds.  Bottom line, people still buy from people in the end.  It is true however that social media and branded emails have a place in business but don’t replace good old fashioned face to face marketing!
Here are 3 quick ideas to spark some new business before the year is out:

  1. Attend a Trade Show. Find one that makes sense for your business and get out and meet your customers and prospects!  Work the show and get out from behind the table. People buy from YOU... Stand out!
  2. Go to a new networking event and set a goal. Make 5 new friends and follow up with them. Meet them for coffee or lunch and get to know them.  Get to know their business and how you can help them!  An Apple Rock Design Consultant wants to know your business and how a customized branded environment design can boost your sales.
  3. Be memorable. Get out of your office and go where your customers are. I watched the CEO of my company the other day stop at Starbucks, grab some coffee and pastry, and just drop by a current customer. Now that is relationship building!

At the end of the day, business is about relationships.  Develop them, nurture them, and service them.  Make it happen and make your 4th quarter a great one!