Fabric Trade Show Displays & Graphics

When tension fabric entered the world of trade show display graphics, it was used in replacement of other visuals.  It would fill the backdrop of a 10’ booth or a circular hanging sign.  Once designers started getting creative with it, however, we found that it has limitless design possibilities!

Tension fabric displays have risen in popularity because they are light weight, thereby making them portable and less expensive to ship.  They are also quite easy to set-up, saving time with your labor team.   In addition, the graphics are printed with highly durable ink that allows you to machine wash them if they get dirty and avoid worrying about them getting dented, scratched, or producing a glare.

Sounds good, right?  Even better news involves all the versatility we have with tension fabric graphics.  The frames can be molded into almost endless shapes and sizes.  And the options for fabric include a variety of textures and opacities, allowing for different types of movement, color, and dimension.

Ready to freshen and update your look?  Think fabric – we can create something outstanding for you today!