EXHIBITORLIVE 2019 Recap: What We Learned

It has been a month since we returned from EXHIBITORLIVE 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. For those of you who many not know what EXHIBITORLIVE is, it is the “trade show for trade shows”, where the biggest and the best marketers and display houses strut their stuff to potential clients and competitors alike. I often call it Fashion Week for the Tradeshow industry because just like NY Fashion Week many of the creative designs are a little bit out there and probably not realistic for most end users.

This annual showcase of industry design, materials, technology and more affords a unique glimpse into hot trends and new trade show tools. This year what struck me was the creative use of lightboxes, canopies, LED tiles and interactive technology.



Most display houses, like Apple Rock, can easily incorporate light boxes for any application. The bigger question is how to creatively include them in your display design. Light boxes are here to stay and can be crated my in many shapes and sizes, include color changing lights and be used both vertically and horizontally in your space. Light boxes used as overhead as backlit canopies capture attention and can add intimate lighting to designated spaces in your booth.

Backlit with ultra-bright and energy efficient LED's, light boxes make your display pop with vibrant, high-visibility surfaces. Thin profiles save valuable floor space, reduce weight compared to older lighting methods and run cooler and more efficiently.



Let’s discuss the concept of canopies overall. One increasing trend we noticed throughout the show was the use of structural canopies, or roofs, in lieu of hanging signs. This not only add visual interest to the booth design, it also allows for unique lighting and graphic application. Now depending on the span and weight, canopies can be mounted to the display structure without additional rigging costs. Ultimately, you need to consider the location of your space and you overall goals for the show. Utilizing a canopy can create a more intimate setting, which is perfect if you want to be more selective with your audience. However, if you are at the back of the show a hanging sign might be deemed mandatory.



Lastly, I wanted to share some thoughts on interactive technology. If you have not already incorporated collaborative technology into your booth experience you might want to consider it now.  I will tell you one reason why – increased ROI. Technology is not going anywhere, and adding an engaging digital element – silent sales person - to your trade show strategy will benefit you in multiple ways: decreased collateral costs, increased attendee engagement, and improved lead generation to name a few.

Customizing an interactive experience with targeted collateral and marketing messages, coupled with a simple survey will vastly improve your lead and follow-up quality. We are seeing an increase in the use of LED tiles with exhibitors, but be smart in how you use them. LED Tiles are best used when you are wanting to use digital/video content on a large scale to draw a crowd and they are not intended for the AV averse exhibitor. LED tiles do require a technician and high-quality content. Then once you bring them in what strategy do you have planned to engage them with your brand and turn them into a solid marketing qualified lead?

Regardless of what trend setting or custom elements you incorporate into you display design, we feel strongly that your #1 priority should be to create an experience attendees won’t forget.

Create an inviting, uplifting booth people want to hang out in, and then while you have their attention use your charm and technology to engage with them deeper, setting the foundation for a highly qualified lead for your team.

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