Event Marketing Continuum

Event Marketing Success

Have you ever attended an event that you thought was going to be small and the amount of people that attended far exceeded your expectations? What do you think made that event successful in regard to the attendance?

Recently, we promoted a show that with a few changes to the event marketing, saw a 32% increase in attendance.

Prior experience, suggestions and tips helped us to achieve this increase:

First, we heeded a suggestion to add advertising in a different area than is typically tapped.

Second, we mailed a postcard two weeks prior to the event, to the database of previous attendees, offering a coupon to receive money off of their admission to the show.

Third, the show promoter made a focused and concerted effort to acquire more merchants than the show has ever had before.

Lastly, we retained our social media guru onsite to engage merchants and attendees. She increased awareness of show specials and provided real-time info about show details and events. Our expert built anticipation leading up to the show and then maintained positive and consistent information about the happenings throughout the show.

This recipe created a win-win situation for everyone involved. The attendees saw and experienced more products than have ever been present at the annual show. The merchants gained new contacts, new customers and enhanced brand awareness. And the overall show was a HUGE success!

Put your trust in the experienced staff at Apple Rock to make your event successful.