Enhancing Retail Spaces with Custom Counters and Kiosks

The common goal when designing a retail store is to separate your brand from the competition. Using custom counters and kiosks in your retail space is a great way to do just that. Utilizing original display pieces allows your retail store to have more branded touch points, ultimately leaving a lasting impression on consumers. Plus it’s a great way to display your products in a unique fashion!

Custom branded counters give your retail space the stylish appearance necessary to stand out from competitors. You can customize counters to hold specific products that may be oddly shaped or too large for average product displays and counters. You can also have them designed with lighting elements, truly bringing a wow factor into your retail space. Counters can be personalized with logos and company colors, as well.However, custom counters can do more than just add to the look and feel of the space. They can add an infotainment component to any retail environment by incorporating interactive technology. Counters infused with interactive technology allow you to capture the attention of your customers and employees, giving them up-to-date, detailed information on the services and products your company offers.

Most people think of kiosks being the stand alone store in the middle of a shopping mall, however these display units are much more. Kiosks can be customized for several uses throughout your retail store. You can display physical products on kiosks. They can also incorporate interactive technology which supports virtual merchandising. Interactive kiosks can showcase new products, demonstrate popular product combinations and highlight upcoming promotions digitally, eliminating the need for traditional collateral materials. Additionally, interactive kiosks can be used as an information gathering tool for future marketing email or SMS campaigns. Some companies are even using these interactive kiosks as point of sale systems within their stores, allowing customers to purchase items online, if they are not readily available in the store.

You can utilize custom-made counters and kiosks in any retail environment to showcase products, entertain, or inform. Having customized counters and kiosks allows you, the retailer, to capture the trust and build brand loyalty with new and current customers, alike. Plus, they add to the overall look and feel of your retail store. There are tons of options when it comes creating one-of-a-kind merchandise counters and kiosks only limited by your imagination. Contact us today, to see how Apple Rock can help you build a better retail environment.