EAC - Selecting an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor for Trade Shows

The business events industry has been in constant state of change and it will continue. As a supplier to businesses who attend events and trade shows it is important to decide how to control costs, and to make sure we provide clients with an understanding of different terms used within the trade show planning world. One example is the term "EAC."  The choice to use an EAC, an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor to install your exhibit is one of, if not THE most critical choice an exhibitor can make. Selecting an EAC can open up a world of options and opportunities to improve trade show ROI. You can control the budget and labor not to exceed a certain number. All EACs can and will take responsibility for damage done under their control. A good EAC can learn your exhibit as if were their own, and you can have the labor team travel to any city.

By choosing to go with an EAC early on in your planning process, you can search the market and look for a good fit at a good value, while still retaining the General Contractor as a backup plan. By selecting the EAC form, you can make changes as you change your mind, but you have a choice. As the date of your show approaches, there is a cut off and then you simply have no other options. So consider your choices carefully and early to avoid being stuck in this kind of situation.