E-mail marketing for Events

Marketing your event through e-mails allow for any last minute updates or changes to your event, which often happens. E-mails are also a cost effective way to reach your targeted group.

The biggest mistake many make when using e-mails to promote events is stuffing the e-mails with too many details. Sending irrelevant information causes fingers to reach straight for the delete key or even worse, tag you as spam. If you are tagged as spam you will never get your event information out there. So, it is important to send information the receiver cares about.

The cardinal rule when using this marketing method is to keep it short and simple. Keeping your e-mails short allow you to get straight to the point and get your point straight to the consumer. Leave out minor details leaving in only essential details for the event. You can always include a link to your website or any other site that includes all minor details. This gives the receiver the option of looking up minor details; it can also lead to your company website which will give more info about your company, not just a specific event.

It is crucial to remember what is important information to one person may not be important for the next, so if time allows, you can alter a few e-mails to specifically target each individual.