Dressing Your Booth and Your Staff

Dressing Your Booth and Your Staff

   So your booth has been designed, built and outfitted with the latest lead generation technology. You have completed all your pre-show marketing initiatives and you have a great post show follow-up plan in place. Your booth staff has been selected and trained. After following all the guidelines, you are READY to present yourself as a qualified #leadschamp at this trade show and really help your company stand out from the crowd, or are you? As the old adage goes, the devil is in the details or in this case, how your booth staff is dressed.   

A promotional wearable is any item that you can wear on your body that has been printed with your company’s logo. There are some effective ways to dress your booth staff insuring they serve as an extension of your company’s brand, utilizing promotional wearables.  

  1. Shirts branded with your logo or well thought-out and catchy slogans will catch the attention of attendees on the show floor. They also serve as a walking billboard for you company as booth staff enters and exits the show. If the show calls for professional attire, have your company’s logo put on a polo or button down shirt for the booth staff to wear. Just make sure all of the booth staff is dressed alike.
  2. Theme the apparel with the product or service you are selling. Is your company a jewelry store: if so why not wear branded jewelry with company’s initials? If the theme of your exhibit superheroes, have everyone wear a branded cape and give them out to attendees.
  3. Have you ever seen a human quick response (QR) code? Neither have I. You can have the QR code your company is using printing onto a tee-shirt for booth staff to wear. This will generate lots of buzz while increasing the amount of scanning of the QR code.
  4. I wear my sunglasses indoors? Have booth staff wear branded sunglasses with branded straps in the booth and then give them out as grab-and-go promotional items.
  5. Jackets are a great wearable item to dress your booth staff in, especially in the colder months. They will more than likely wear them everywhere, not just on-site.

There are other wearable items that could help promote your companies presence at a trade show like scarves and flip-flops, however they don’t have the over-the-top appeal that other wearable promotional items do. If you choose to utilize any of these items, make sure your booth staff match and you have some to give away as prizes or grab-and-go promotional items.

Having your booth staff promote your brand on and off the show floor will help you become a qualified #leadschamp in no time. Keep in mind you can brand almost any item, so think outside of the box and we can help with all of your promotional item needs.

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