Two Story Trade Show Display Photo

Double Deck Trade Show Booth Trends in 2017

Are two stories better than one?

One of the hottest trade show trends heading into 2017 is the two-story or double-decker display. And rightfully so, as there are a myriad of marketing and lead-generating applications that can be employed with this supplemental, above eye-level trade show booth space. Utilizing staircases, decks and walkways, the double-deckers can be quite cost-effective as your trade show footprint square footage requirements are reduced. You rented that trade show space, including the vertical space above you. Why not use it?

A display with multiple floor levels inherently portrays a feeling of solidity and success. A spectacular vertical display towering above the competition is impossible to ignore. The extra space a second story provides can be used for many useful purposes including treating your customers to a VIP experience, private demos or a branded atmosphere to network or seal those important deals.

The benefits of adding a second floor to a display booth fall into Aesthetic and Practical categories:

Practical Uses of Additional Display Floor Levels

  • Maximizes the total usable exhibit space; increases usable square footage without increasing the footprint
  • Creates extra product display areas, sampling or demonstration capacity
  • Private demo and/or meeting spaces for more personal customer interactions
  • Create quiet, enclosed meeting space or open and airy café-style atmospheres
  • Impress with theater-style seating and hi-tech A/V for viewing parties or video presentations
  • Additional Storage Space
  • Striking Multi-Use Party or Event areas:
    • Coffee Bar or Cocktail Lounge for entertaining
    • Lofty Viewing/Overlook areas
    • Multiple staircases to create separate second floor spaces for more options
    • Split staircases separates distinct upper level areas
    • Elevated walkways connect multiple areas on a second floor

Marketing and Visual Impacts of Double Deck Booths

  • Attention-grabbing vertical display literally places you head and shoulders above the competition
  • Dominates the trade show floor line of sight from all angles and distances
  • Towering billboard style ad placement areas
  • Multiple branding opportunities on railings, balconies, floor, display ceilings
  • Creates a platform for a dominating elevated video wall
  • Acts as a centerpiece to hang additional lighting or visual options
  • Expands potential for light boxes, graphics or video
  • Use unique curved, metal, wood, accent lighting, logo and color branded stair designs
  • Decking/flooring options allow the continuation of the first floor design look or the ability to use the additional “sky” space to create a completely new environment

Apple Rock Double Deck Exhibit designs are created to meet the most stringent convention hall regulations and requirements. And when you rent a double decker display from Apple Rock, our Pro Services department handles all insurance, documents and permits that a two-story display booth would require based on the city and state of the event.

There are many unique ways to take advantage of the additional space a double deck trade show display provides. You can now easily use two stories to tell YOUR story in a more compelling way. Contact Apple Rock for a free Double Decker Display consultation.