Don't Let Interactive Technology Hinder Your Results

The thought of incorporating Interactive Technology in your trade show exhibit or corporate events does not have to be as daunting as it sounds. Granted, there are at least a hundred different ways you can add technology, not to scare you, but there are some simple yet still impressive and result driven options you can add to your program to generate more traffic and better leads.

Whether or not you use technology in your space today this blog will give you some food for thought. We have proven, with many of our clients, that the addition of technology to their program not only increases traffic to their space, but it also increases the quality of their leads and therefore boosts their residual sales and brand engagement.

Here are a few examples of ways to easily boost your results with technology:


Interactive Kiosks

I am starting here because they are probably the easiest thing to incorporate into your space, and the most flexible with any footprint or design. Most holistic display partners offer clients some kind of technology solutions.

We at Apple Rock have found great success with clients using our stylish interactive kiosks (shown right). We customize these touch screen presentations for each of our clients, incorporating their most important marketing collateral, websites, videos, and more, all packaged with their branding. Take it from me, as I have used this kiosk multiple times at our own events, they are more user friendly than my iPad! They really draw in a crowd and look high tech in any space.


There are so many tablets in the market right now it could make your head spin. Which one to use? How do you use it? How often do you have to update it? I could go on… The best part about using tablets is that you can use them anywhere and they do not take up space. You could equip your entire trade show team with customized tablet presentations on the show floor for maximum engagement and lead generation.

So why don’t you? Well, honestly most clients don’t want to invest in technology that is changing every 6 months. So, don’t… buy them that is. Rent them! We have an array of tablets you can rent for any event, and our in-house ADAPT Technology program works the same as it does on the interactive kiosk I mentioned previously. Now, we do recommend using the Microsoft Surface Pro because while they are tablet size, they are robust computers that don’t have some of the software limitations we have found with other mobile tablets.

LED Tiles

Now let’s jump ahead to some slightly more advanced technology. LED Tiles have been around for a while, but they are growing in popularity as they are becoming more user friendly and cost effective. But for the same reasons I mentioned above, many clients don’t want to have to own the technology and would rather rent it. We can help you either way.

LED tiles are not interactive in the sense that your attendees can touch them and navigate through your branding on demand, but they are interactive in the way they when done right they can really create a WOW factor and engage your audience from many vantage points. LED Tiles are great for pushing your branding out to attendees in an exciting way with bright, bold videos or animations, making it difficult for passer byers to not stop and take notice. When you couple use of LED Tiles with other more intimate technology like the kiosk or tablet, you will begin to reel them in – hook, line and sinker!

AR and VR

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are for the much more advanced exhibitor and gamers alike! These solutions allow you to integrate your products and branding in a very high-tech application and create a unique experience for your guests.

Most likely this is not anything you can execute in-house, but with the right partner you can turn almost every surface in your booth into an interactive experience built around your brand and goals. Gamification is here to stay, and it allows your visitors to relax and hang out in your booth leaving them more engaged with you and your brand. The best part is that these tools can be taken off the show floor to any event or meeting to impress and engage.


These are the most popular Interactive Technology solutions we find our clients most interested in, as they all work well within trade shows and live events – and most budgets. Each solution we create is customizable to your needs and goals, and what message you want to portray for your brand. All of Apple Rock's technology allows you to reduce your literature printing and shipping expenses and provide various metrics for targeted post show follow-up.

Schedule a free, no obligation consultation and find out how interactive display technology can take your static trade show display to the next level.