Don’t fit in… Stand OUT!

Unless this is your first time at a trade show, you generally know what everyone else is doing in your industry.  What colors the industry leans towards, if it’s high tech, heavy on audio visual, and what products they offer.  If you are in the market for a new booth take advantage of this opportunity.  Go bold! 

Take the medical industry… it is swamped with light blue and clean white.  Change your game without changing your brand.  Add a bright color to your structure, rather than a sea of metal hardware.  Get exciting graphics with intense colors or add eye-catching lighting.  If the show or industry is already bold be the calm Zen-like booth, that welcomes a passerby to sit and relax.  Have a bold structure with beautiful black and white graphics.

Lighting can change your booth alone. Don’t just add lights to your graphics or logo either, think beyond that.  Move your eyes and mind lower to the carpet for instance.  What was once standard gray carpet is now lit by blue lights from above that create a visual effect of moving water or even ice.  Now look to your fabric graphics hanging from your structure, it looks as if it’s flowing in the breeze.  This all brought to you from another visual lighting effect.  All these options are available and DO make a huge difference in the way your new or old booth look.  Simple additions like this, speak volumes to your prospective clients.

Customize your booth… it’s not as expensive as it sounds.  You do not have to pick a booth out of a catalog anymore.  You have options and any good display house should be able to offer you custom options for any budget.  Give the key elements you want to hit in your booth and see how a designer can create a custom look that is sure to make your booth represent everything you are and more. 

Don’t fit in - Stand out!  You want to draw people into your booth, show them why this year they should be working with you.  Let your booth do the hard part of starting the conversation, your sales team can do the rest.