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Use graphics to exude some creativity and personality at the show.

Do Our Senses Drive Our Decisions?

We live in a very visual world, driven by immediate gratification. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram are ever increasing in popularity among diverse demographics and more companies are jumping on board. While 50% of marketers reported in 2014 that they plan to increase their presence on Pinterest, 48% reported their intention to increase use of Instagram as well.* YouTube is another popular platform with 67% of marketers still using it to reach their audience. All these platforms allow companies to show off their products, using very few words, build brand awareness and loyalty, and not to mention that it is an inexpensive medium to express brand creativity.

Humor me for a moment. What pictures did you personally post today? Something beautiful that you saw that you wanted to share with the world? Something you saw that you thought was crazy or hilarious? Who doesn’t love a cat tormenting the family dog? Take that same thought process and think about your trade show exhibit. Would it end up on the best or worst dressed list?

We work in a very visual industry, driven by immediate decisions being made on the show floor by buyers who will decide if they want to stop in your booth based on what they see.

Think about what you saw at the last show you attended? Did you decide to visit or not visit a company based on their appearance? Just like social media, you cannot treat your trade show exhibit as a flat ad in a magazine. You need to be innovative and visually stimulating. The quickest and easiest way update your exhibit and capture attention is to refresh your graphics to appeal to the attendees’ visual senses. You can also appeal to their other sense by the use of music and smells. People want to see something fresh, they want to have an experience in your booth.

While the structure of your exhibit is an investment you want to be able to use for a few years, your graphics are the creative expression of your brand and how you want to portray your company to the world. Take the opportunity to exude some creativity and personality at the show. Talk to an Apple Rock Design consultant on how we help you refresh your exhibit for your fall shows. 

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*2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, published by Social Media