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Design, Build, Innovate - The Apple Rock Process

“Our goal is to have long term relationships with our clients. We help you understand and balance the cost of display ownership, show services and production to achieve your trade show program goals – all within your budget.” – Ehab Salem, Apple Rock Director of Sales

Whether you have an already established budget or you are on a mission to create one, you must:

  1. Create a trade show marketing plan. What are your event goals? Brand recognition, lead generation, direct sales, industry networking, creating brand ambassadors or market testing new products?
  2. Understand the costs involved in owning a trade show display and participating in shows.
  3. Collaborate with the display company and make sure everyone is on the same page; and that your vision and marketing goals are understood.
  4. Follow the project through the design phase, approval process, production, shipping, unloading, assembly, show execution, tear down, return shipping and storage.
  5. Prove ROI, lead generation, direct sales or highlight what success means for you.
  6. Repeat!

There are many moving parts that affect budget lines and Apple Rock’s decades of experience gives us the knowledge to understand efficiencies and cost savings throughout the process.

How many shows are you going to a year? How far apart are they (on the calendar as well as physical distance)? Does it make more sense to own, rent or lease your display? How much of the show services aspects do you want to handle?

In general, show services account for at least 50%-60% of a trade show display budget. The actual production costs typically come in at 40% of the overall budget. It becomes abundantly clear that Apple Rock’s expertise on managing show services costs and creating economies of scale lets you put more of your budget into the build of the actual booth and generating better ROI.

For example, advances in fabric construction and G7 printing capabilities allows for incredibly lightweight and efficient display design options without compromising the look. Fewer crates mean lower shipping costs, reduced material handling, less load in and installation time. Tear down time is reduced and storage costs shrink.

In the end, you are not just getting an amazing booth display. You also receive 29 years of show experience, supporting you and helping you to save money, creating economies of scale and reducing headaches throughout the entire span of your trade show program.

Contact Apple Rock today and let our expertise work for you and with you.




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