Customized Versus Custom Trade Show Exhibits. What’s the Difference?

Recently we discussed the different types of exhibits that you can rent or purchase to captivate attendees on the trade show floor, but we did not go into great detail about the difference between customized and custom trade show booths. Of course you want your trade show exhibit to be unique, to stand out from the overwhelming sea of same shaped, same sized booths, but what is the best way for you to customize your booth in a cost-effective manner?

First let’s examine the similarities and differences between customized and custom booths.

Custom Exhibits

Customized Exhibits

  • Designed and built for your company
  • Creates a one-of-a-kind exhibit
  • More expensive 
  • Custom features 
  • Custom graphics
  • Typically purchased
  • Labor intensive
  • Designed for your company
  • Creates a unique look
  • Less expensive
  • Custom features
  • Custom graphics
  • Interchangeable design 
  • Not labor intensive

As you can see there are many similarities between the two, however the booth type you decide to go with larger depends on your exhibiting needs. Here are a few other things to keep in mind when choosing between custom and customized exhibits.

  • Custom designs are generally used for exhibits that require custom features, such as large product d

    isplays, kitchens, or other big structure that needs to be included in the exhibit.
  • Customizable displays offer a quicker turn, lighter and less expensive than custom exhibits while offering you the flexibility to modify from show to show.
  • Another thing to think about is the cost of labor to set-up and dismantle at shows. Customized exhibits are usually easier to put-up and take-down on the show floor, whereas custom exhibits will require hired labor to install and dismantle.

Customized exhibits allow you to achieve a “custom” look without the cost of being locked into a big custom built booth. The type of exhibit you choose depends greatly on whether you are trying to achieve a custom cost or custom look. If you still have questions about whether or not you should go with a custom or customized booth, contact an experienced Apple Rock consultant today. We want to help you in any way possible on your journey to becoming the qualified #leadschamp of your department.