Customer Feedback Programs

Every marketing plan and initiative is developed while focusing on what will attract, intrigue, and grab the interest of potential customers.  If you really want to know what draws someone to your company and brand, why not ask those who have already been enticed – your existing customers!

Beware: You are probably going to receive honest feedback that may have both positives and negatives, but no need to fret.  You want to know what your customers are thinking and why they make certain decisions, so all feedback is helpful.  If you listen and engage your current customers, they can provide you with the tools to adjust and tweak your marketing to better represent your brand and attract future customers.

Great questions to ask are:

  • "What first attracted you to our products and/or services?"
  • "What made us stand out from our competition?"
  • "How would you describe my company if you were recommending us to a colleague?"
  • "What are our top skills/offerings/products?"
  • "What information do you want to hear from us in the future, and how do you want to receive it?"

At the end of this exercise, you will be thanking your customers – not just for their feedback, but for the future business you will receive due to their input!