Games at Trade Shows

Crowding your booth (in a good way), Part 2

written by Alison James, Design Center Manager

Last month we talked giveaways, entertainers, and digital entertainment as great ways to draw a crowd in your booth, giving you the perfect opportunity to meet your potential customers.  Here are a few more ideas to put in your exhibit idea box that are sure to fill your space & get people talking about you!


Engaging attendees in a game at the show creates a fun, playful environment, allowing for personal connections.  These connections translate to an easy, comfortable discussion of your products & services.


If there is a celebrity who fits your brand and/or target audience interests, have them come in for a meet and greet for a few hours one day.  I can assure you that the attendees will flock to your booth for the chance to get a photo and an autograph.  And keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be the REAL celebrity.  Characters from your marketing & advertising departments work well, too!

Celebrity Presence

Can’t get the celebrity in your booth?  There are creative ways to get the celebrity presence in your booth without the person being physically there.  Cardboard cut outs are always fun to pose next to.  And let me tell you, the green screen at the latest NACS 2013 show, where you could select your celebrity companions, consistently had a line out of the booth.  The pictures were then e-mailed to you on the spot, and you also had the option to upload them to social media immediately.  Now, that is a win!  (And if you see the picture I got, you can see why I had fun tricking my friends into thinking I actually met Brad Pitt and George Clooney in the Tylenol booth!)