Crafting a Successful & Simple Corporate Event

What is it?

Success is defined by favorable or desired outcome; which is ultimately what you want to achieve with any of your corporate events. Your hope is all that all the effort you pour into planning the event results in happy clients that bring you more business, and compliment a job well done.

Here are some tips to help you ensure a successful event:

Step 1:

When choosing a venue, ensure the location is not “out of the way” for your attendees, the space(s) are large enough for the number of people you expect (including the ones you don’t) and it can be related to the event theme. What does your venue offer that may be of interest to attendees? Do they give facility/campus tours, etc.?

Step 2:

The greeting. Who is at your registration table? Mr. Monotone or Miss Bubbly? Miss Bubbly is more pleasant and welcoming than Mr. Monotone. Be aware of the people you have at your registration desk because they set the tone and expectations for your attendees. They must be pleasant and welcoming to attendees. Additionally, your registration process should be simple and quick. The attendants should verbally guide attendees to their next destination.

Step 3:

Perfectly timed food. People should not have to make a decision between continuing an activity or leaving one to eat. If you’re going to have food (which you should), make sure it’s not during a time when something else is happening. It must be visually appealing (including presentation), taste good and be enough food that people don’t feel as though you cheated them.

Steps 4 & 5:

Entertainment and activities go hand-in-hand. Entertainment is the main event while activities are what attendees are doing as they arrive, or when they’re not eating or watching the main event. Entertainment has to keep attendees interest, but also be at most 30 minutes. Most people’s attention span is 20 minutes; they can last 30 minutes if there is a Q&A session.

Activities need variety and to be relatable to the event theme. If you’re throwing a Customer Appreciation Event, it is wise to include vendors that your customers use, your preferred vendors, etc. Make sure if you go this route that you allocate enough time for each vendor to talk to the majority of your attendees.

Step 6:

Gifts and takeaways. This component also includes raffles. Gifts, what people receive for attending your event, and raffle items must both be of value. Ask yourself these questions: Would I want it? Would I use it? Is it something they can get somewhere else?

As a company, any giveaways and gifts with your brand on it are the best way to ensure people will remember you. If you go the route of having vendors, they can also give away services, gift cards for their company, or product. This is a really good place to get creative, but consider the value when you’re choosing what to giveaway.

Step 7:

Measure your success. Don’t make the mistake of walking away simply hoping you were successful. KNOW you were successful by measuring your success. You can accomplish this by placing a suggestion box somewhere in the room for future events, videotape testimonials, or listen to what attendees are saying to each other and you. If you have a multitude of people congratulating you and thanking you for inviting them, you were successful.

“Successful events don’t happen on their own; they take pride, planning and thought.” ~ Dominique Ford