Choosing and Using Interactive Technology at Trade Shows and Conferences

Trade shows and conferences can provide attendees with an abundance of information as long as you are utilizing the most up-to-date technology to immerse them with your product, services or presentation. Interactive technology offers a more customizable experience for participants unlike the one-size fits all approach that has been used for decades.

Benefits of Interactive Technology

  • Flexible — can be changed relativity quickly
  • Customizable — you can change the message often
  • Integrated lead retrieval
  • Generates detailed analytics and metrics
  • Tracks what visitors look at and the length of time they spend
  • Attracts and keeps attention
  • Web capable
  • Environmentally conscious

Commonly Used Interactive Technology

  • ADAPT inTouch Interactive Tables allow attendees to touch and see products and services offered. They also engage people with games and in educational material at conferences.
  • ADAPT inTouch Interactive Video Walls work like the interactive table, but provide a wow factor that pulls people into your exhibit on the show floor. The whiteboard feature is a great interactive tool for conferences.
  • Floor projections offer active audience participation. They would be especially good for conferences. Attendees are encouraged to get moving and playing interactive games offered by this technology.
  • ADAPT inTouch Interactive Kiosks use the same technology as interactive walls with a much smaller screen.
  • iPads are ideal for smaller groups and trade shows.
  • Interactive applications for smart phones and iPads, such as audience response apps, allow for real time interaction with the audience.

When deciding which technology is best for your company, ask yourself "What is the main goal to achieve?"

  • If you want to draw people into your booth, a video wall, the 80" portable interactive wall, or video walls are sure to get you noticed.
  • If you want to share product, service or educational information, the ADAPT inTouch Interactive Tables will be perfect, while helping to reduce expenses for traditional paper brochures.
  • To entertain your prospects, focus on video walls with audience response applications or floor projectors.
  • For capturing and organizing qualified leads your best bet would be the interactive tables.
  • If increasing audience participation is your goal, use iPads and audience response applications, or the portable interactive wall.
  • To engage attendees in brand experiences, any interactive technology is an option.

Best Practices

  • Make sure you get all the necessary information to your technology partner in a timely manner so they can correctly program your table, wall or application.
  • Be sure the content is relevant to your product, service or educational experience.
  • Have interesting and engaging content.
  • Have booth staff use it, even if there are no people in the exhibit. This entices people to stop by and experience your brand.
  • Monitor use of all interactive technology at conferences and on the show floor. Doing so helps promote a positive brand perception while decreasing the likelihood of attendees becoming frustrated with the equipment.
  • Make sure your staff is educated about the equipment, so they can answer any and all questions that may arise.

Adding interactive technology to any trade show booth can increase sales, boost the number of appointments made on the show floor, and decrease the overall cost per lead. Interactive technology will also help to capture more qualified leads, deeply engage the audience, and reduce the cost of collateral materials. As a preferred integrator of technology, Apple Rock would love to help you become a qualified leads champ by adding interactive technology to your next exhibit or conference. Contact an Apple Rock consultant to learn more.