A Case Study: Using Interactive Technology in Unusual Places

Have you ever thought of all the different ways and venues you can use interactive technology, such as touchscreen tables, kiosks, iPads and more? People don’t normally think about using interactive technology to engage the public in places like airports or lobbies, but why not? These venues are known for waiting. People wait to get on the plane, wait for their meetings or simply wait in line for services. They have the time, so why not engage them with your products and services while spreading brand awareness in an innovative way.

Recently, Apple Rock oversaw a project using the Adapt inTouch interactive tables, powered by T1Visions. This month long project took place in several high traffic airports across the United States. The client's goal was to offer member appreciation to card holders and also sign up new members.

The two main objectives for the member appreciation/new member sign-up in the airports were:

  1. Engaging people as they entered club lounges, without interrupting the day-to-day activities of the airport and adhering to the design style of the lounges.
  2. To engage individuals or families waiting to catch a flight.  

This first objective was handled by the using MyFi to run the interactive the platform. MyFi was utilized so the table did not need to use the airport internet bandwidth, making it fully self-sufficient. Using the MyFi to run the table demonstrates that interactive technologies can be effectively used anywhere, opening a new world of opportunities to engage potential customers in different environments.

The second objective was addressed by the functionality of the table itself. There’s not much you can do to stop people who are rushing to catch a flight, but using the 32” Adapt inTouch interactive table, powered by T1Visions to engage people with children was easy. It can accommodate up to four users simultaneously, allowing the parents to sign-up while the kids are occupied with games — a win-win for traveling families. The table was easy to use with great graphics, allowing the staff to be trained quickly and efficiently on using the table to engage potential customers. The client also provided dedicated lounge staff to optimize engagement opportunities, which helps generate more interest, offers a deeper level of engagement and provides more qualified leads.

Interactive technology can be used anywhere to truly engage potential clients, whether the goal is to increase brand awareness, to sell or simply to show appreciation to members. The uses of interactive touch technologies are endless. Whether you have a two day trade show or a month long event, let Apple Rock help you find a creative way to utilize interactive multi-touch technology.

Do you have a great idea or have you had tremendous success using interactive tables in not so usual ways? If so we would love to hear it, share your personal stories with us on Twitter @AppleRockUSA.