Building Custom Furniture to Fit Your Corporate Space

When designing a branded environment, corporate or retail space, it’s important to take advantage of every square foot of space you have available. Which is why you should consider custom, mad-to-fit, furniture for your project. Having custom made pieces. Having custom made desks, reception counters tables or product displays allows you to design the pieces to fit perfectly in awkward spaces. We at Apple Rock take every inch of space into consideration and design a look that fits the space, your brand, and leaves you with a custom tailored look not to be found anywhere else. We can even us shape elements from your logo and incorporate it into the design of your reception counter or central piece that is sure to wow your clients and employees alike.

Benefits of having customized furniture:

  •  Ability to personalize the piece with your company’s logo.
  •  Custom designed to fit the space, even if the space is slightly awkward.
  •  Unique, one of a kind pieces that compliments your brand image.
  •  Allows for better efficiencies of the space.
  •  Can be designed to accommodate existing architectural elements, giving your space a cohesive look and feel.
  •  Get exactly what you want and need.   

Incorporating custom furniture allows your company to provide a brand-rich experience to any who comes into your establishment.  Whether you are looking to up-fit a corporate or retail space, Apple Rock Displays has the skill set and resources to help you achieve all of your design objectives.  We will work with you, your architect and or designer to create a cohesive experience to really leave a lasting impression on everyone that walks through your door.

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