Branded Environments - Why A Branded Workspace Is Critical

Perhaps your company has recently seen an uptick in onsite clients/prospect visits.  If so, when they come to you door, does your space tell your story? If the answer is no, think about regrouping and applying your brand messaging more thoughtfully in your public space. Have your visitors absorb who you are when they enter your space in a three dimensional way.

The visual impact of a well-designed branded environment is difficult to overstate. Accurately reflecting your brand and corporate message is crucial when you have visitors - at your office, company headquarters, distribution centre’s, regional office locations, hospital, museum, community centres, and so on. By bringing the messaging of your brand identity to your public spaces,  you can project high-impact, aesthetically stunning visual cues that go beyond simply being seen. A strategically designed environment communicates the ideas and values that are representative of who and what you are as a company.

All too often, promises are made in marketing and then they are not fully experienced by your visitors when they arrive at your door.  This is a critical and potentially costly oversight in the branding of your company. Personal experience within your space and with the brand it carries, determines how the visitor will remember your company, good or bad.

As you create the subliminal or not so subliminal message of your brand identity, which you have worked so hard to develop, you should remain constant and current.

To be able to engage your visitors with visual cues to your brand identity takes thoughtful planning and execution. Many environments make extensive use of graphic images, objects, furniture and by using a multitude of processes, including digital, lighting, floor, interactive, and much more.  You will communicate the quality, history, value of your company.

With thoughtful intelligent design for your public spaces, you will have added a highly beneficial branding tool, a visible avenue to communicate your brand image, values and personality, showing that visitor you live and breathe your brand!