Beyond Taste: Successfully Crafting an Event Menu

Healthy eating is all the rage right now. As we all know, obesity is an unfortunate epidemic that has taken over our nation. You may not be able to change attendees eating habits at home, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t serve them healthy food!

In Tuesday’s blog, Crafting a Successful & Simple Corporate Event, we specifically used the word “craft” to portray skillfulness and strategic design. Providing a variety of choices for sides and placing your meats at the end of the buffet will ensure attendees load up on the “good stuff”.

TIP: Don’t forget about the vegetarians. Vegetarians are an often overlooked group of people during the food planning process. They expect more than just salad.

For instance, at an event I recently attended, they had BBQ. Now typically no one would consider BBQ to be classy, yet it was. The sides were salad, fruit, steamed mixed vegetables and macaroni and cheese. Then they offered 2 meats, after the sides, chicken and pulled pork. At the end of the buffet was a table with condiments. And there was a beverage bar. It was a simple setup, yet efficient and effective.

Affordability of healthy food is a common concern for planners. Keep in mind that just because something isn’t on a catering menu doesn’t mean you can’t order it. Depending on the type of corporate event you’re planning, you may have multiple opportunities to “wow the crowd”.

Remember that everything you do represents your brand; poor food and great food alike. Although great food will likely increase the popularity of your future corporate events.